Jonathan Horne wrote:
ive been a 3ware fan for many years now.  this pic was taken in 2001...
heh, you want to talk about pci placement based on fit of ide cables... lol try mine. in the end, after 5 years, im impressed mine is still chugging away, at albeit the performance numbers of yesteryear. oh, incase anyone would ask, my /dev/twed2 is a 4x120GB RRAID5 with seagate's (ST3120026A), in a dual 1ghz thats almost as old as the card.

i would love to go out and buy a new 3ware... but this one wont die!   :)

an btw to richard (and other 3ware users too), do you have the sysutils/tw_cli port installed? very useful!

No dont have the tw_cli installed. I'm a big fan of the 3DM2 web based tool and havent found anything that it cant do for me yet. I'll check out that port and report back!


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