On 2006-07-24 17:56, Lennon Cook <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have been looking over the tutorial for automounting removable
> devices  at http://www.caia.swin.edu.au/reports/041130A/ , and have
> come to one interesting point. It has the fstab line:
> /dev/da0 /mnt/usbflash auto noauto 0 0
> However, my system doesn't appear to support 'auto' as an fstype. I
> assume that it would guess the filesystem type ala Linux, which is
> about the only thing I miss about the mount system there.  Can this
> actually be made to work easily on FreeBSD, or is this tutorial using
> an untested fstab entry?

AFAIK, FreeBSD does not support filesystem autodetection.  There was a
discussion recently, in one of the FreeBSD lists, but I couldn't easily
find a pointer to the relevant thread.

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