David Stanford wrote:
> Thanks Mikhail, that was it:
> =====
> @               IN      NS      ns.example.org.
> =====

No worries, glad to hear it's cranking.

> Now it appears to be working correctly and responding to queries, however
> I'm noticing I continue to get that same error when I add my CNAME entry:
> =====
> @              IN       CNAME    www.example.org.
> =====

Hmmm... Not sure how that one goes.

> Doesn't the "@" simply represent the domain, in this case "example.org"?

Yes, that's correct.

> That makes this translate from example.org -> www.example.org, correct?

The following gives you the result you want:

@               IN A   ; whatever your www's IP is

So your DNS will respond with the same IP no matter if it's example.org
or www.example.org (assuming www has been declared somewhere as well).

Hopefully this helps.


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