> I got a SoundBlaster Live! because it was listed as a known working
> piece of hardware.  Apparently this is a newer version of the board that
> isn't supported yet.  Getting it to work is becoming a PITA beyond what
> I have the time and willpower to put in right now.
> Is there a piece of sound hardware I can just run down to CompUSA and
> buy, that I can drop in here and get this thing working with *today*?

Just ran into this getting MythTV running on Gentoo. In ALSA, it seems the new soundblaster cards don't use the emu10k1 driver, they use the ca0106 driver. Don't know if this exists for FreeBSD or not. In my case, the ca0106 driver produced static and a hint of something that sounded like sound. I gave up, and stole an older soundblaster from another system I had.

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