# [EMAIL PROTECTED] / 2003-01-06 15:35:31 +0100:
> I want to install ImageMagick without X and Ghostscript and other things 
> I don't need.
> I do it from ports and issue this command:
> # make -DWITHOUT_X11 install clean
> This takes me directly to the Ghostscript driver configuration screen. I 
> don't want Ghostscript since I don't print from this server.
> 1. Can I specify more "without-options", Ie. "make -DWITHOUT_X11 
> -DWITHOUT_GS install clean"?


> 2. What is the without syntax for Ghostscript here?

    look in the Makefile. it's just text.
> 3. What is the general FreeBSD exclude "without" command when installing 
> from ports and where is it placed? I've seen several, Ie. --without-gui, 
> -DWHITOUT and so on.

    --with-foo / --without-foo is the syntax the underlying ./configure
    expects, -DFOO / FOO=1 is the syntax make expects.

    If you want to get most [understanding] from the ports collection,
    learn basics of make(1). Simple stuff is easy, it's fun going
    through the guts of /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.*.mk, and knowing some make-fu
    is a generally useful virtue.

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