On 24 Jul 2006, at 15:55, jan gestre wrote:

On 7/24/06, Grant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I'm trying to do this.

i want postfix to accept ANY mail sent to example1.com like a catch
all then any mail that it gets i want it to just bounce it on to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] which is hosted on another server.

So far i can only get postfix to accept from localhost, and when i
set the mynetworks it makes it a public relay, which is bad.

so anyone know how i can do the catch all on one domain and forward
it to another..

at the moment this is setup without any mysql and such, as i feel its
isnt needed as its only going to be moving the mail to the new domain
its never actually going to be used for mail at all, only the boucing/

give example2 the highest priority. e.g.

IN  MX     10 mail.example2.com
IN  MX     20 mail.example1.com



yea sounds that simple, but the other server isnt setup to handle the mail for example1.com nor can i set to do so, thats why i was just gonna forward it.

anyways, i've used qmail for now, as i know how to do it on there, might look over postfix later on, just i needed it kinda "now" :P so it will do...

Thanks for the replys

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