Erik Nørgaard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Lowell Gilbert wrote:
>> Erik Nørgaard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> I am trying to get things up working (FBSD 6.1-STABLE) on a VAIO FJ3S
>>> notebook, but have trouble with some devices: cardbus, wireless network
>>> and sound. And I haven't even tried looking at the built in camera,
>>> memory card reader or firewire ...
>>> It may be related, they are all on a ICH6 controler
>> You can start with:
>> which was all I needed to hack up for whatever I was doing on my 
>> ICH6 system (sorry; it was a whole month ago, and I've forgotten 
>> the details of what, precisely, I was fixing at the time).
>> It probably won't be enough, but it will help...
> Not enough, the ICH6 controler appeared fine also before the patch, but
> all the devices that causes problems are on that controler.

The controller itself was found okay (I had sound working on this
system before the patch), but the SM Bus itself wasn't visible.

> Did you add any hints to your loader.conf or device.hints? Does the
> order of loading modules matter? can I control it in loader.conf? (maybe
> they are loaded in order as listed?).

Nothing relevant.  

Sorry I can't help more.
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