Why would you need to be root?  Here's what we do at work:

Because /usr/local/www/apache22/data is owned by root. I guess I mistakenly figured that this is where the files should go. I know that you can configure Apache to point to any directory, but was unsure of the consequences of pointing it at directories outside of /usr/local/www/apache22/data.

if it's your dev server, point it to wherever is most convenient.

The development server is at the data center (since we're all remote).
Apache has been configured to run several name based virtual servers and
looks for the document root in a 'cpr' in our home directory. (cpr is
the initials of our project)

For those of us that like the CLI and working directly on the server,
the 'cpr' directory is also our subversion working directory.  So I edit
a file, test it, like it, commit it. repeat.

Our designers don't like CLI.  What we've done for them is to set them
up with TortioseSVN on their workstations.  They check out the
repository on their desktop.  They make changes.  When they want to
test, they run rsync (via cygwin and a shell script) that syncs only the
files they've changed (and skips all the .svn sub dirs) up to the
server.  They test.  They like, they commit using TortioseSVN.  All of
thise happens over a SSH tunnel.

At no point in any of this do any of us need to be root....

If you can get your dev environment running locally it will be easier
since you won't have to "upload to test", but depending on your
situation that might not be reasonable.


What you suggest makes perfect sense, I wasn't sure if you could point Apache directly at a directory within Subversion's structure or not. I do have one

I think you should read more about subversion as I think you are confusing a svn repository with a svn working directory...

more question. From a security standpoint would it be safer to point to a symlink within Apache's existing directory structure that points to /usr/home/svnDirectory, or configure Apache to point directly to /usr/home/svnDirectory? It's probably a moot point, but I'm still unsure of myself when it comes to messing around with permissions within FreeBSD and don't like making changes to the defaults without asking first.

Doesn't make a bit of difference. I'd avoid the symlink simply cause there isn't any reason to have it.
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