Regarding: postfixadmin

I cannot seem to get the program to start using the default installation.
What I mean is, I inserted this into the httpd.conf file as directed by
the installation script:

<Directory "/usr/local/www/postfixadmin">
     Options Indexes
     AllowOverride AuthConfig

Attempting to access the site produced am error message.

I then inserted this into the file:

Alias /postfixadmin/ "/usr/local/www/postfixadmin/"

Now it finds the site, but says I do not have permission to access it/
am never given a chance to give a user name or password.

I finally gave up and changed the <Directory> entries to gain access.

The .htpasswd and .htaccess files are both located in the
postfixadmin/admin directory. I even used htpasswd to create a new file
thinking that the original one might be corrupt, but that failed also.
The path in the .htaccess file seems correct.

I have Apache22 installed.


Gerard Seibert

"I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food."

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