I'm attempting to use tar to feed my filesystem(s) to a DLT tape drive. I've done this with FreeBSD 3 through 5 and DAT (DDS-3 and DDS-4) tapes for years. The command now appears to work for a while and then dies with this message about 2.5 hours into the process:

archive_write_pax_header: 'x' header failed?!  This can't happen.

        Any idea what this means?

        I'm using:
$ uname -a
FreeBSD atlas.cairodurham.org 6.1-STABLE FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE #0: Wed Jun 28 11:27:09 EDT 2006 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/ src/sys/SMP i386

This is my first FreeBSD 6.x system, my first SMP kernel, and my first DLT drive on a FreeBSD system. Using Google, I couldn't find any answers that were useful. (Just a few dead threads from various forums and mailing lists.)

                                                        Thanks in advance,
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