Hello gurus,

Please, Please! if someone can help me, how to setup any an accounts system based on time
and auth

I'm On FreeBSD 6.1R its acting as a internet gateway for a comlex of 30 appartments.
 the internet to this box is connected thro a dsl and its up/running,

Well, We want to bill whoever sharing our internet connection on a monthly bases
 so basically, I want to release internet access based on time+auth.
 and to manage those users.

 I have been told to use  squid.
 as i know squid is a cache server?

just, where to start to setup a system, that will force the user to enter a user/password
 to connect to the internet? considering my freebsd is the gateway?
 how to manage those users? any packages,

what shall i do? My manager would kill if i dunt accomplish this mission :(


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