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David Stanford wrote:
>> I've tried everyone's suggestions to no avail. Here's my actual
> configuration:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# /etc/rc.d/named stop
> Stopping named.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# tail -12 /etc/namedb/named.conf

I can't stop mine and then start it again (running in chrooted mode). I

# make rndc reload

Isn't named's default behaviour to run chrooted? It appears so whn looking
at the rc script.

Also, when something goes wrong, named won't reload but logs a complaint
into /var/log/messages. So it is a good idea to check logs every time a
change is made.

> zone "daemonbox.net" {
>         type master;
>         file "master/daemonbox.net";
> };
> /*
> zone "140.246.66.in-addr.arpa" {
>         type master;
>         file "master/140.246.66.in-addr.arpa";
> };
> */
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# cat /etc/namedb/master/daemonbox.net
> $TTL 3600        ; 1 hour
> daemonbox.net.  IN      SOA     chadwick.daemonbox.net.
> dstanford.daemonbox.net. (
>                                 2006072400      ; Serial
Make sure your serial increments with every change you make.

I've been ignoring that to save time while troubleshooting as (from my
understanding) it  is only used by  other name servers so they know to
update their information:

"The serial number identifies this version of the zone configuration. Remote
name servers
first retreive the SOA record and check if the serial number has incremented
deciding whether to access the rest of the zone, which could be large. Make
sure you
increment this field every time you edit the file. If you don't, your
updates will not
propagate to other name servers."   -The Complete FreeBSD, Greg Lehey

                                1d              ; Refresh
>                                 2h              ; Retry
>                                 100d            ; Expire
>                                 1h )            ; Minimum TTL
> ; DNS Servers
> @               IN      NS      chadwick.daemonbox.net.
> @               IN      NS      ns1.nac.net.
> @               IN      NS      ns2.nac.net.

Remove/comment those nac.net servers just in case (just for now while
testing). Get yours cranking first.

Good point.

; MX Records
>                 IN      MX 10   mail.daemonbox.net.
> ; Machine Names
> localhost       IN      A
> chadwick       IN      A
> mail              IN      A
> www             IN      A
> @                IN      A
> ; Aliases
> www             IN      CNAME   @

I personally wouldn't use that line. Previous 2 lines are sufficient.

Yea, I feel I may just use the A records as the additional query issue you
mentioned previously leaves me thinking it's the better configuration...it
still bothers me I can't figure it out though. :-/

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# /etc/rc.d/named start
> Starting named.

Check your logs.

I've been checking /var/log/messages but see nothing after recieving that
error. Are all named logs placed here by default?

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# host -t a daemonbox.net localhost
> Using domain server:
> Name: localhost
> Address:
> Aliases:
> Host daemonbox.net not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
> Does anyone see anything wrong with this? Thanks for all your help!

Can you resolve other domains (e.g.: freebsd.org)? Can't think of
anything else right now.

Yes, as I noted, when  I remove the CNAME entry everything works fine. Very

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