> Yea, I feel I may just use the A records as the additional query issue
> mentioned previously leaves me thinking it's the better
> still bothers me I can't figure it out though. :-/

Not sure what you mean.

I was referring to your comment regarding CNAME causing an  additional query
for each look-up:

"I wouldn't recommend using CNAME for www due to extra DNS lookups[1]."

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# /etc/rc.d/named start
>>> Starting named.
>> Check your logs.
> I've been checking /var/log/messages but see nothing after recieving
> error. Are all named logs placed here by default?

This is the only place where I look. As far as I'm concerned, if a
reload was unsuccessful, then you'll get something in there. Otherwise
nothing gets logged.

>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# host -t a daemonbox.net localhost
>>> Using domain server:
>>> Name: localhost
>>> Address:
>>> Aliases:
>>> Host daemonbox.net not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
>>> Does anyone see anything wrong with this? Thanks for all your help!
>> Can you resolve other domains (e.g.: freebsd.org)? Can't think of
>> anything else right now.
> Yes, as I noted, when  I remove the CNAME entry everything works fine.
> strange...

Not sure about that either. I guess you shouldn't use it then. Anyway,
at least your domain is responding now:

$ host -t a daemonbox.net chadwick.daemonbox.net
Using domain server:
Name: chadwick.daemonbox.net

daemonbox.net has address

$ host -t a www.daemonbox.net chadwick.daemonbox.net
Using domain server:
Name: chadwick.daemonbox.net

www.daemonbox.net has address

Wow, I'm surprised you were able to get that as I've also been making
firewall adjustments all night. :)


www.dnsreport.com is a great tool for all your DNS needs.

Absolutely. I'd be lost at work without it (or dnsstuff.com). :) Thanks
again for all your help!

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