Dear Rafael,

Ofcourse i didnot miss your past email :)
but your main concern was to redirect the user to a webpage then pf will handle the rest
Your second point was the squid which everybody talking about,
but in thier webpage they didnot write anything about this procedure thier main concern was
the cache server.. So i didnot know what to do next.

However i have setup a test machine,
I will try the squid (dunno what to do after squid is running)
and will try mpd4,

As for freeradius package, its installed
but also there is no good documentation what to do next?

I thank you, and i thank everyone trying to help,
as this is a real disaster for me currently :(


Hi there...

I sent and answer about time_auth last night...

Perhaps you've missed it... ;-)

But if you're thinking about authentication BEFORE starts to
surf the web, besides mpd4 (which is a good choice too) you
can give RADIUS a try...


Rafael Mentz Aquino
BSDServer Ltda.
51 - 9847 8825

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From: "Marwan Sultan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 11:21:46 +0000
Subject: vpn connection users+server

> Hello everyone,
>   Well, because really i didnot get an answer from the list regarding
>   release internet access based on time+auth.
>   SO I thought of the VPN connection,
>   i'm on fbsd 6.1R acting as internet gateway, i dunt want the users
> to randmly share the internet  Is it possible (and how to)  create a
> vpn connection thats  the user need to use to authnticate to the
> gateway server by a valid user/password
>   then the server will allow this user to have the internet,
>   is it possible?
>   the handbook scenario is for two networks sides,
>   Is it possible between a user and the gateway server?
>   Please your answers is highly appreciated.
> Marwan
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