What I (a FreeBSD user) really want:

* Xen v3.x dom0 support.
* Xen v3.x domU support.
* Stable File System.
* A Faster, then Linux, File System.
* File system journaling so I don't have to fsck a >2TB array.
* Drivers for even more SAS/SATA RAID Controllers.
* A system that fully supports (no soft limits) >2TB arrays.
* Better SMP Support.
* Dead to GIANTs.
* A Faster, then Linux, TCP/IP Stack.
* Better Gigabit Ethernet Support.
* Better YukenII Support... checksum offloading etc.
* 10-Gigabit Ethernet Support.
* Working DRM/DRI in X.org.
* Envy24 Audio Controller Support.
* Better Multimedia hardware support.
* KDE 4.
* Firefox to be less bloated and port to QT.
* OOo to be less bloated and ported to QT.
* A fully open sourced Opera.
* A fully open sourced Flash, or a FreeBSD binary.
* A fully open sourced Java.
* Adobe Photoshop for FreeBSD, or at least for Linux.
* Adobe InDesign for FreeBSD.
* Dead to binary blobs.
* Companies to release (full) documentation.
* Apple to open source Mac OS X. or OS-X for the white box PC.
* a MacBook Pro.
* More cash.
* Hot chicks.
* World Peace.

Thats good enough for right now.

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