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On Tue, 25 Jul 2006, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> Oops, forgot about that.  Use 5.x then.  The statement is that newer
> versions of FreeBSD are slower than older versions.  The point was that
> this isn't relevant to 90% of users for reasons I already cited.

IMHO, I'm not so concerned about my servers being slower then older
versions, but the fact that, in some cases, we seem to be going backwards
are far as stability is concerned ...

I've recently been experiencing lock ups with the three servers that I've
upgraded to 6.x ... one of which is <1 year old, the other two are 3 years
old ... after getting everything setup with DDB, to the point that I could
provide some very detailed traces, and core dumps, it looks like the
problem is the one thing common between all three servers: the iir driver
... the two older machines are running Intel 0CH RAID controllers, the
newer one an ICP Vortex card ... both were rock solid machines under 4.x

If you check ICP Vortex's web site, you will actually find *vendor
supported* drivers (and CLIs) for both fbsd4 and fbsd5 but nadda for 6 or
7 ... so, from looking at that, it looks like they have bail'd on the
newer FreeBSDs ...

So, for me, it isn't a performance issue, its what looks to be a shrinking
hardware vendor support ...

ICP Vortex is an Adaptec company and Adaptec doesn't support FreeBSD.
We've already been over this once.

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