Ok, I'm a FreeBSD guy. Recently I moved into another
company. All of their servers runs Linux. For my first
assignment, I need to have a comparison between
various Linux Virtualizations. So far I came up with
Virtuozzo/OpenVZ, Xen, UML, Linux-Vserver. As far as I
can understand, all of them are somewhat connected to
the Linux kernel. Ok, it's not a simple software.. it
uses the Linux kernel, and I cannot simply install it
on my favorite OS.

Do you know any sort of virtualization project ongoing
on top of FreeBSD or any BSDs?
As far as I can understand, the jail does
virtualization but only with processes and not the
entire Os, am I right?

I don't know exactly where Xen for FreeBSD is at at the moment (keep meaning to go check), but I am pretty sure it can run as a guest OS. So you could have linux be the host and a bunch of FreeBSD guests...

As for Jails, I have a box that has 2 jails on it that with very few exceptions look and feel like a full blown OS. I ssh to them. I run postfix, mysql, apache, rails, etc... all okay. The only isuses I run into are when trying to ping/traceroute/netstat/top..

Search around for 'ezjail'. It's a set of scripts meant to help you run a lot of jails while using very little space by sharing a lot of the files (ie, everything in /usr/(bin|lib|include)....)

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