I have a situation where I need to install Fedora Linux on a computer 
however the CDROM drive is not bootable (old SCSI cdrom drive and an old 
Adaptec 1542 controller which does not support CDROM boot) and as Fedora no 
longer supports floppy installs as FreeBSD does, I'm left with the 
possibility of a network install. Anyhow I had the idea today, while 
walking my dog, to use one of the FreeBSD systems on my network as a Red 
Hat kickstart server. It should work, shouldn't it? Red Hat kickstart is 
just a bootp server with a TFTP server to boot the kernel and an NFS server 
to install off of, just like a Solaris Jumpstart server would. If I put all 
the right bits and pieces in the right places, one of my FreeBSD systems 
should be able to serve as a Red Hat Linux kickstart server, or so I would 
think. Has anyone done this before?

I suppose for that matter a FreeBSD system could even serve as a Solaris 
Jumpstart server. All the proprietary bits and pieces are served over the 
network via NFS while the client executes any proprietary code. A Red Hat 
kickstart server would work similarly so this should work, at least in 
theory, in both cases.

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