Hello from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

My name is Carmen Chase and I request your permission to distribute FreeBSD & 
ports, use the BSD Demon, and links to the manuals & downloads sites. Our 
objective is to locally promote and generalize FreeBSD as end users - not 
criticize other systems, or profit from FreeBSD. Let me explain:

The overwhelming majority of argentine PC users run un-licensed Microsoft 
Sytems and software. The remainder have licenses or use Linux. FreeBSD is 
unknown to the average PC user. 

Although efforts are being made to control piracy, the vast majority of final 
users cannot afford microsoft licences. In terms of local purchasing power, 
windows XP would cost the equivalent of $1500 us dollars in the US market. 
Meanwhile, PC usage continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

Over the last few years our family have increasingly used FreeBSD, consider it 
a grand solution and greatly admire your organization and acheivements. In 
fact, we would like to see FreeBSD generalized amongst the millions of 
argentine users and small businesses.

To achieve this objective, we are considering a simple non-profit web site, 
with a help section, history section, forum, bulletin boards, jobs/help 
wanted, links, videos clips demonstrating the system, etc... and request your 
permision to use the Demon Logo, and distribute the FreeBSD operating system 
& ports.

Any support would be greatly appreciated!

Respectfully yours,

Carmen Chase
tel. 4541-1434

PD please let us know you received this message!
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