I've got a Maxtor of 60GB as primary master. My geometry is wrongly
by the installation program, it reports a geometry of 119108/16/63 while
BIOS reports one of

If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is a  long-time bug in the installer.
I've installed several times seeing this error and never had a problem.
However, to be safe you could always manually specify the geometry of your
disk in the fdisk utility during install.

I think this has nothing to do since I'm planning to have
FreeBSD as the only OS of the machine, but you never know...
These errors are shown just after I leave the partition editor, when they
give the warning of making Back ups. Then the 'Writing partitions; message
is shown and then the last one that says: "Unable to make new root
filesystem on /dev/ad0s1a! Command returned status 36"

I'm confused. At what point are you pressing Alt-F2? There isn't any point
during the installation, that I can think of, that requires you hitting
Alt-F2. Though, in reference the short error message above, I would first
recommend verifying the checksum of your ISO and then reburning it - start
with the simple things :).

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