If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is a  long-time bug in the installer.
I've installed several times seeing this error and never had a problem.
However, to be safe you could always manually specify the geometry of your
disk in the fdisk utility during install.

I'm confused. At what point are you pressing Alt-F2? There isn't any point
during the installation, that I can think of, that requires you hitting
Alt-F2. Though, in reference the short error message above, I would first
recommend verifying the checksum of your ISO and then reburning it - start
with the simple things :).


I'm sorry, I think I didn't explain it very well...
When I choose the media type, a message is shown warning that '...this is
the last chance... we can take no responsabillity". I hit 'ok' and then a
message appears saying 'writing partitions...' and a few seconds later
appears one message saying  'Unable to make new root filesystem on
/dev/ad0s1a! Command returned status 36' (sometimes the 'Command returned
status 1'). I hit 'ok' and then appears: 'Couldn't make filesystems
properly. Aborting'. And finally the last message I receive is 'Instalation
completed with some errors. You may wish to scroll through...' At this point
is where I press Alt+F2 and the errors (the WRITE_DMA errors) are shown. Is
not necessary to press Alt+F2 but I read it somewhere. I hope you know now
where do these errors are shown, if not please respond me again and I'll try
to explain it better.
By the way, I don't think is the checksum because I was trying to install
FreeBSD 5.4 at first and the same error occured, but I will check the
checksum, is just that... excuse my ignorance, but what is the checksum of
my ISO image and how do I verify it???? Sorry I know that is a stupid
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