On Tue, 25 Jul 2006, Tamouh H. wrote:

On Jul 25, 2006, at 8:16 PM, Nikolas Britton wrote:

ICP Vortex is an Adaptec company and Adaptec doesn't
support FreeBSD.
We've already been over this once.

Not to disagree with you, but Adaptec put new drivers for 5.3
and 5.4 for their 2420, 2820, 2320SLP, 2130SLP, and
4800/4805SAS driver back in April 06 up on their website.

Their support could be a lot better, but these are new cards
and new FreeBSD drivers...  There is no storage manager
aaccli like there was earlier :-( (maybe a Linux one,
assuming there is one, will work like the Linux aaccli
program works on FreeBSD?)

I've 2130SLP and the drivers Adaptec posted caused server reboots almost immediately, the documentation were lacking (device name has changed which would cause a failed boot) and as you said aaccli is not working, not even the new linux ASM.

On that point, do you still have the linux aaccli file ? I've been looking for it with no luck. Just updated the 2130SLP firmware and its no longer accepting the aaccli utility.

Advise.....stay away from Adaptec on FreeBSD and especially RAID controllers.

Stupid question, but has anyone actually email'd Adaptec support? I'm having issue with the iir driver, I've email'd ICP Support about it, since its one of hte ICP Vortex cards that is causing the problem ... I got a response back to the effect of "We do not officially support FreeBSD 6.x, but can you give us details on the problem" ...

How many ppl out there are running FreeBSD with an iir device? that includes the ICP/Adaptec cards, as well as Intel RAID controllers ... how many are running them on FreeBSD 6.x? How many are getting "odd problems" with their servers that they can't really trace to anywhere, but aren't posting about it either?

The point is, if we keep acting as "individuals", vendors will treat as unimportant ... if we start acting like an organization, and actually *lobby* these vendors for better support, maybe they will start to listen to us ...

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