The system completly locks up, attached keyboard is useless.. and as mentioned no errors.. the only pattern is tuesday/wednesday it freezes.. other days of the week it's fine under heavy load..
buildworlds are not a problem..


Lowell Gilbert wrote:

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I have a web/mail server thats running the lastest version of FreeBSD
6.0-RELEASE-p9 #4. In the last month or so it's started hard locking..
when the machine locks up i can still ping it and get connects from
telneting to 80,22,etc sometimes i get a banner and sometimes i
dont.. but there are
no errors on the console or in the logs.

The odd thing is the locking seems to happen within a certain time
window (mon,tues) and never end of the week or weekend.. i suspected
it could have been
a bad cron job but nothing falls into that time frame.

As a test i've been rebooting the server everynight to see if that
would help the machine get past the begining of the week with out a
hang and again this morning
even though i rebooted last night at 10pm hung around 9:47am.

The machine is a Dell PowerEdge 2550, I've had dell come and replace
the MB and have ran all their diagnostics aswell with no errors
I've been reading alot about APIC and ACPI and people having similar
issues but nothing that fits the bill... below is the dmesg and output
of vmstat -i.. another odd thing is the rate for the CPU timer is
extremely high compared to other machines with similar hardware or
faster hardware.

Any help on where to look next would be awesome.

Try a debugging kernel and see if you can break to the debugger after
the freeze.  If so, youcan look at task states.
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