Thank you people, for the many ideas, that have been giving,
im in process of testing it.

Again, thanks for the ideas, hint and answer.

thats why freebsd rocks, there is a complete army behind it.


On Tue, 25 Jul 2006, Marwan Sultan wrote:

Hello everyone,

Well, because really i didnot get an answer from the list regarding
release internet access based on time+auth.

SO I thought of the VPN connection,
i'm on fbsd 6.1R acting as internet gateway, i dunt want the users to randmly share the internet
Is it possible (and how to)  create a vpn connection thats
the user need to use to authnticate to the gateway server by a valid user/password

then the server will allow this user to have the internet,
is it possible?
the handbook scenario is for two networks sides,

Is it possible between a user and the gateway server?

Please your answers is highly appreciated.


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