Hi list,

I'm trying to get a FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE (running GENERIC kernel) to do
vlan tagging.

I want to have several 'vlan interfaces' that can talk to their local
subnet and also use a default route.

On the switch side of things I'm using a Cisco 3550 runing layer3
code, I've had this working before with a em driver (on another box)
but my setup was a little different then so I'm pretty sure the switch
isnt at fault?

My rc.conf looks like:

cloned_interfaces="vlan100 vlan200 vlan233"
ifconfig_vlan100="inet netmask vlan 100 vlandev vr0"
ifconfig_vlan200="inet netmask vlan 200 vlandev vr0"
ifconfig_vlan233="inet netmask vlan 233 vlandev vr0"
ifconfig_vr0="inet netmask media
100baseTX mediaopt ull-duplex"

and my switch config looks like this:

interface FastEthernet0/12
 switchport access vlan 254
 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 100,200,233
 switchport mode trunk
logging event trunk-status
duplex full
speed 100

I'm getting to the point that the vlan interfaces (100,200,233) can
talk to machines on their subnet but I cannot seem to ping anything on
the subnet (ip address applied to vr0 interface) or
anythnig via the default route.

If anyone can assist me I'd appreciate it, please contact me off list
as I am not subscribed to -questions.


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