I'm sorry, I think I didn't explain it very well...
When I choose the media type, a message is shown warning that '...this is
the last chance... we can take no responsabillity". I hit 'ok' and then a
message appears saying 'writing partitions...' and a few seconds later
appears one message saying  'Unable to make new root filesystem on
/dev/ad0s1a! Command returned status 36' (sometimes the 'Command returned
status 1'). I hit 'ok' and then appears: 'Couldn't make filesystems
properly. Aborting'. And finally the last message I receive is 'Instalation
completed with some errors. You may wish to scroll through...' At this point
is where I press Alt+F2 and the errors (the WRITE_DMA errors) are shown. Is
not necessary to press Alt+F2 but I read it somewhere. I hope you know now
where do these errors are shown, if not please respond me again and I'll try
to explain it better.
By the way, I don't think is the checksum because I was trying to install
FreeBSD 5.4 at first and the same error occured, but I will check the
checksum, is just that... excuse my ignorance, but what is the checksum of
my ISO image and how do I verify it???? Sorry I know that is a stupid

As somebody already mentioned, it could very well be an issue with your hard
drive - but the simplest thing to do is first verify that your ISO and,
thus, your CDROM image aren't corrupt. A checksum is basically a value
generated from a data file using some sort of calculation method (in this
case, using an md5 hash). This value can then be later used to verify
nothing has changed in the data
file and that you have downloaded it with no errors. This is a common
thing to see in the open source world. If you want more information on
this, more can be found from
wikipedia <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checksum>
. If you are downloading on a Windows machine, you can use the md5sum
utility (download
here <http://www.etree.org/md5com.html>
). Once you have the ISO file, you can simpy place both the md5sum.exe
utility and ISO in the same directory and run it like so:

C:\Documents and Settings\dstanford\Desktop>*md5sum.exe

This will generate a value which you can then compare with what the
valueshould be,
If the two values match up, then you know the downloaded file (ISO) is the
same as the one on the server and that there were no errors while

Good luck!

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