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I have a user that I use for doing the odd bit of work on my
freebsd-6.1-RELEASE machine.
I wanted to set apache to work from:
instead of the default location. I can create these folders no
problems but i have to do it as root:
mkdir /home/user/public_html/
How do I ensure my user can copy files from gui (gnome) to this
folder. Im told I dont have permission to copy to this folder.
Also apache tells me I dont have permission when I change the
DocumentRoot to point to /home/user/public_html/
Just not sure how to go about giving a user permissions on files/
folders I want them to be able to edit. Any pointers?

the default permission for apache assuming you are using apache22 is 755,
changing it to 777 will have security repercusions, why not add that user to
group that owns/runs apache or give that user sudo power.

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