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On Wed, 26 Jul 2006, RW wrote:

On Wednesday 26 July 2006 16:23, Joshua Lewis wrote:

   KDE seems like it is bloated so I was considering Gnome. I have also
   been reading about enlightenment and it sounds interesting. I have
   looked into Fluxbox and it also seems like it would do the trick.

   Would I be better off just going with Gnome or KDE? I realize once I
   start installing apps that I will probably wind up installing
   something that uses Gnome or KDE libraries so I am going to wind up
   bloating my system any ways right?

KDE is mostly application modules, which you don't need to install if you dont
want them. These days, though, the avoidance of bloat is mostly just a
fetish. I've not noticed any speed difference between KDE and the lighter
window managers for years. And as far as disk space is concerned we are
talking about pennies. I've tried fluxbox and the like off-and-on, but I
always miss some KDE feature within minutes.

Personally I don't like Gnome, it's less polished than KDE by a sustantial
margin; and while upgrading KDE is always easy, Gnome's complex depencies
mean that a special script has to be run, and even that doesn't always work.

I agree with this thought. There is a wrapper port/package kde-lite. I run kde on a 400Mhz laptop and mostly can not tell the difference between using that and my new thinkpad. OpenOffice is much, much, ..., better the kdeoffice. The ultimate lightweight window manager is twm. It is built into X. I use it to install KDE. All of this is very personal. It is well worth finding the one you like.

If kde-lite is too much, you can just install kde-base, kde-libs, kde-admin & kde-utils and end up with kde having close to the functionality of new XP install. I think the only thing that's missing are the games, Media Player and a messenger client.

Greg Groth
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