Really? I wouldn't want such a myopic view when choosing to allocate our
shareholders dollars. Best tool for the job. Period!

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And this is what I always do. As a person responsible for
recommending/approving/buying harware related stuff for few different
companies, I make it a point that I *prefer* only those brands that
have support for FreeBSD. For me, this is more so in case of RAID

On 7/27/06, Nikolas Britton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Except most of the people using FreeBSD in a professional setting are
> pretty high up on the IT/IS/MIS food chain. If a product doesn't work
> on my platform of choice then there's no way in hell I'll approve it's
> uses on other platforms, FreeBSD is my litmus test. If a vendor
> doesn't support FreeBSD they can still pass my test by providing open
> documentation.

I see the whole issue this way: companies are free to choose whether
to support FreeBSD or not, and I am free to choose/recommend their
product in my installations. It's only when we start to speak with our
money bags, that it will make commercial sense to them to support

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