Thanks for your kind reply and sorry for the delay :-)

This speed issue has gone away after I upgrade my OS to FreeBSD
6.1-RELEASE. Anyway, thanks again. :-)

On 6/6/06, N.J. Thomas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
* Yuan, Jue <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2006-06-06 18:31:43 +0800]:
> The situation is: a computer could download stuffs from my laptop via
> vsftpd at a rate of 10M/s. while uploading stuffs to my laptop at a
> rate of only 300K~400K :(

Can you test with some other (non-ftp) protocol, and see if you get the
same results? Try scp'ing a large file to and from your laptop.

Best Regards
Yuan, Jue @
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