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I just wanted to get it straight. I think I read some post that said that 3ware actually has and uses commit access to the freebsd source tree. Can anyone comfirm this for me?

I currently have a highpoint 2220 controller. I got it because of the Freebsd support what appeared to be available driver source code only to be humilitated to discover after the fact that what's labeled source is a "blob" module, and not source at all.

Areca is a name I never heard before this list. They appartly support bsd but, what level of support? Binary Driver, blob, source, or docs?

They appear to have a source driver.


arcmsr is the driver name for areca (man arcmsr)

top of the .c file reads:

************************************************************************ ******************
**        O.S   : FreeBSD
**   FILE NAME  : arcmsr.c
**        BY    : Erich Chen
**   Description: SCSI RAID Device Driver for
** ARECA (ARC1110/1120/1160/1210/1220/1260) SATA RAID HOST Adapter ** ARCMSR RAID Host adapter[RAID controller:INTEL 331 (PCI-X) 341(PCI-EXPRESS) chip set] ************************************************************************ ******************
** Copyright (c) 2004-2006 ARECA Co. Ltd.
**        Erich Chen, Taipei Taiwan All rights reserved.

I have several Areca cards because they support both BSD and Solaris with their drivers and I run both and want my HW to be as versatile as possible... Have not actually run one in BSD yet though that will happen. I have several but none are yet in production, just testing. They do do quite well in reviews and bake-offs against other raid cards.


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