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On Jul 27, 2006, at 11:32 PM, Nikolas Britton wrote:

> Floppy and CD-ROM drives, why do I need them? They take up to much
> chassis real estate and I never use them after the server is in
> production. Why can't I do all this stuff with USB?
> If I got a USB flash, USB CD-ROM, and/or a USB floppy drive what could
> I do with it?
> * Boot into DOS to run BIOS updates?
> * Load the FreeBSD CD to a flash drive and boot / install from it?
> I see no reason to keep buying them, there like tits on a bull.

None of my servers have floppies or cdrom or any optical drives.  I
keep a couple floppies and a dvd and a cdrom around and if I need on
I plug it in for the duration of the need...

Been there done that. It's a pain in the butt:

1. Power down
2. Take cover off
3. Plug in drive
4. Put cover back on
5. Power on
6. Re-enable BIOS support for device.
7. Do what needs to be done
8. Power down
9. Take cover off
10. Unplug drive
11. Put cover back on
12. Power on
13. Disable BIOS support for device.

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