Mihai Velicu wrote:
> Hi !
> I'm new in FreeBSD and I made a mistake.
> In the file ttys I changed to insecure all the lines and now I cannot log on
> even as root.
> Only in single user I can log on but I cannot modify the file ttys is said
> something this is a read only file system.
> Please tell me how I can remediate my error, how I can modify back the file
> ttys ?
> If is possible of course.

Sure it's possible.  Boot into single user, as you did before, then
fsck and mount all the  partitions on your machine:

    # fsck -p
    # mount -a

You should now be able to edit /etc/ttys, although just copying in a default
one from /usr/src/etc/etc_i386/ttys (assuming you're on an IA32 machine)
might be easier.



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