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> What is difference between FreeBSD 5.5 and 6.1?
You can view the differences yourself here:

> Why two new versions at same time?

5.5 is a maintenance release of the 5.x branch, if you've 5.x boxes and
don't want to migrate to 6.x , then you still have security fixes and
patches for your bsd box. 

> Is FreeBSD Unix, Linux or something elese?

FreeBSD is derived from the original BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution),
look here for more info:

> Do Solaris programs or Linux graphical programs run on FreeBSD?

mm.. solaris.. I'm not sure, but  think that mos of them will... for linux,
there is a "linux compatibility mode" that will run most (if not all) linux

> Does it make more sense to port from Windows directly to Mac OS X or to
> FreeBSD first?

It depends on what will you use that box for..... if you wish a rock-solid
internet server, then freeBSD is the way to go, if you just want to play
Warcraft, then use windows.

> What is the development framework and IDE of choice for FreeBSD
> develoopment (Eclipse, NetBeans, Trolltech, etc.)?

Also depends, on what you want to do, and what programming language you
use/know. For web applications I like Ruby on Rails, for desktop apps I
think that trolltech's QT are one of the bests options today.

> What does FreeBSD offer over Solaris and/or Red Hat Linux?

It's BSD licence, a great community and lots of more things that you can
read in

good luck

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