I'd definitely go with SVN for a code repo.  I use a couple different
SVN servers on various teams I work with at my clients. I also set one
up for myself for code I'm working without other coders, mainly so I
could get at it from home, on the road, or some client's site; a
laptop or two, a desktop or two.... Very convenient.

You might also consider integrating it with the Trac issue tracker .
It has a very nice SVN repo code browser, takes bug/issue/feature
tickets, offers a wiki (e.g., for writing project plans, docs,
whatever).  It's integrated in the sense that you can check in code
into SVN and say in your log message something like

  fixes #37

and Track will notice and close the open ticket #37 for you.  You can
reference code within Trac too.  

It's lightweight and gets out of your way.  I prefer it to other
trackers and trouble ticket systems I've used like <shudder> Remedy
</shudder>, Jira, and even the venerable RT.  Even if all you use is
Trac's code browser it's a win, but the other stuff is real helpful
with no bloat.

FWIW, it's all written in Python. (a language I prefer to PHP and Java)

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