pete wright wrote:

On 7/28/06, Robert Huff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

pete wright writes:

>  Hmm, I'd like to see your config file.  I am guessing you
>  may have the Nvidia glx module or Nvidia graphics driver
>  referenced in there.

hmm...that's wierd.  the glx and dri drivers should not be dependant
upon the nvidia dirivers or blob's.  you are able to load X from this
config when you comment out the dri and glx lines correct?  did you
install the dri stuff from ports?  i'm kinda stumped myself.

Is it possible that you have installed nvidia-driver in the past? It (I think) overwrites X11R6 glx stuff. Make sure nvidia-driver isn't installed now and (hateful I know) try re-installing xorg-libraries and xorg-server. The nvidia-driver definitely won't help you if you have a matrox card!


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