Ensel Sharon wrote:

I am moving a large number of files (about 40 GB, comprising almost 3.5
million files) from one machine to another using rsync.

I am noticing that the longer this rsync process runs, the slower it seems
to go, and the more CPU time it is taking on the destination (FreeBSD

Is there a reason for this ?  Is there some aspect of rsync (or
FreeBSD) that just starts to bog down after transferring 1-2 million

When the job started, load on the destination was between .2 and .8, and
now, four days later, it is up to 4.0+  ...  and as I say, although I have
not measured, throughput does seem to be slowing down.
Are you using rsync with ssh? If so try openssh-portable port with hpn options enabled. If the machines are local you can even turn off ssh data encryption with -z which will make rsync go faster.

If machines are local you could also try using rsh, or take the risk for remote machines.

Though if it's been running for days, they don't sound local :-)


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