this is a new clean install of 4.7 release from cdrom. previously this box
had 4.5 release.

from a boot screen:
  Illegal instruction (core dumped)
  Jan 6 16:30:36 joseph /kernel: pid 94 (sed), uid 0: exited on signal 4 (core dumped)

setting 'update_motd="NO"' bypasses this error

release notes on 4.7 indicate:
  "sed(1) now takes a -i option to enable in-place editing of files."

also, ports will not compile, returning errors of 'invalid syntax', 'syntax error',
'return makes integer from pointer without a cast', and 'data definition has no type
or storage class' I suspect this is related.

Has anyone dealt with this or seen this before?

John Brooks

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