On 7/28/06, Chris T. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I"m toying with the idea of setting up a mini-itx server so I can move
the dns and firewall daemons off of the fileserver so I can turn it
off.  I'm thinking I want to get a flashrom ide adaptor so that I can
swap setups on the thing by swapping cards.  I don't see myself using
4GB flash cards for this.  I'd rather get smaller cheaper cards.  How
big is a minimal freebsd install?


I'm running FreeBSD 6.1 at my Soekris board and I have 512MB
CompactFlash card in use. About 50% of the card is used by the
operating system, http server, python interpreter etc. and the other
half is free for e-mail and log files. The installation is just the
vanilla FreeBSD installation without any X11 packages. Only
modification I made, was to syslogd, where I disabled the cron job

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