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And my point is that those not supporting FreeBSD already don't care,
since as far as they are concerned, their is no market for them to be
losing .... not buying their products isn't telling them anything they
didn't already believe ...

The point where it hurts them is when I prefer stuffs having FreeBSD
support even while purchasing/recommending hardware for windows. I do
a lot consulting for companies which have a mix of BSD/Linux and
Windows servers. This is more so in case of RAID cards for me, where I
would go in for 3Ware rather than Promise or other brands.

I must admit though that it is not always possible to follow this
rule, but I amke it a point to follow it as closely as possible in the
given circumstances. As somebody has already written earlier, one
should pick the best tool for the job. But if I have a approximately
similar performance options from two or more hardware, my choice would
automatically go in for one that supports *BSD.

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