I've wanted to try  this for a  long time,  but  I believed  its  not
possible,  but  never  asked  anyone so....

Is  it possible to have multiple freebsd slices (partitions)  on a
single disk ?  For  example, I  already got a  fbsd slice  with
partitions in it,  now  I  want to  add  another and  use that  space,
after deleting  a windoze partition.

What about using  an  extended  logical  partition  as  a freebsd  slice?

I  am   quite comfortable  with  linus  fdisk, but  the  fbsd one
feels like the plauge to me.  Is  the  linux  port of fdisk a  better

I run all  my linux partitions  from within  ext-logical ones (all
but root) and  I want to   clear them and reuse them for freebsd.

Please cc  me as I am not subscribed.

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