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> On 7/28/06, Atom Powers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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>> > Towards that end, as a starter, I would like to encourage everyone out
>> > there running 1 or more FreeBSD boxes to go to
>> >
>> >            http://www.mreriksson.net/uptimes
>> >
>> > register all of your hosts, and install /usr/ports/sysutils/uptimec and
>> > get it running ...
>> >

People like me who only use FreeBSD on the laptop would certainly give
much shorter uptimes.  Okay, I just wanna say, it's very strange to a
mobile/desktop user.

>> Heh. You won't get more than a tiny percentage of hosts that way; I
>> believe most of us, even those on this list (which is nowhere close to
>> the total user base), don't care to be listed.
>> My shop runs 30+ FreeBSD hosts, and I have several more for personal
>> use. But of those there are maybe 2-3 that I would be ok with listing
>> and exactly zero that I will actually list. It's not that I don't want
>> to help, but I'm not going to run a process like that on a production
>> server.
> What about sending something as simple as uname -mr?
>> uname -mr
> 6.1-STABLE i386

That's it.

> The only way this idea will work is if we put some code in the base
> system that sends something generic every few months. for example.
> Send 'uname -mr' to stats.freebsd.org every 3 months. It would be very
> easy to 'opt out', perhaps stats_enable="NO" in rc.conf.
> Alternatively we could make it 'opt in' at install time. The installer
> could add stats_enable="YES" to rc.conf when someone answers yes.
> The actual code to implement this is trivial, something like a few
> lines of shell script and a config file that lists the next send date.
> This config file can be checked during the monthly periodic and if
> needed trigger the stats script to send the anonymous data and update
> the next send date in the config file. If the stats script can't find
> a path out it should update the next send date and then die.

We can also collect the access information of the cvsup server and
portsnap server, can't we?

Yes and no. Not all cvsup servers are under the control of the FreeBSD
project.... but you are right, they could log the release tag and
more. Also don't forget about website stats, mailing list
subscriptions, and ftp servers.

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