I am running FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE (AMD64) on an Acer Ferrari 3400 laptop...
Mobile AMD athlon 3000+
128mb ATI radeon 9700...

I install it and everything seems to get detected and all... but then... it
crashes... system just shuts down... no error appears on the screen...

Well, this has been consistenly happening generally when I'm installing some
port... Once it was KDE, other times it was Opera and most recently it was
VLC... Once it crashed even when I ran the command "find / vimrc". I know
syntax of the comand may not be correct, it was just traversing through all
directories and it crashed (I was tryin to find the default vimrc file). All
when I was running X under window-maker... Also it crashed once when it was
in GNOME and the computer was idle for like 30mins or so and it crashed
(Gnome installs during the installation process, not the ports way)
So, I figure X might be the problem... So the next time I boot, I dont start
and I make VLC and it crashes around the same place I expect it to...

Is it the laptop? How can I debug something like this.. get the log files or
just before the crash...
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