Webshield triggered with the following information:
   Scann= er(s): ScanObjectScanResult
   Context(s): message.scr
   Detection(s): F= ile has been blocked due to its filename, format or
   Source IP Add= ress:
   Source Host Name:
   Sender: &l= t;>
   Recipients: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Destination IP Address:
   Destination Host Name:
   M= essage ID: 19bb_6f06152a_1ecd_11db_990c_0030482a8237
   Webshield Name: m= ail1
   Webshield IP Address:,
   Protocol: SMTPUTC Time: 2006-07-29_06:42:41_GMT_(+0000)
   Local Time: 2006-07-29_01:= 42:41_CDT_(-0500)

   See your system administrator for further information= .

   Copyright � 1993-2005 Networks Associates Technology, I= nc.
   All Rights Reserved.


   1. 3D""=/
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