On Friday 28 July 2006 23:56, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> The people who are willing to be open minded will use a mix of
> tools from Microsoft and the rest of the world, and the people who
> are closed minded will use tools from Microsoft, and neither is
> going to pay any attention to whatever
> loudmouths are bandmouthing their choices.  That's the way the
> world has worked in the past when IBM was king people did the same
> thing, and that's the way it will always work.
> You can stand up an be counted as an open minded person, or you can
> use NT and stand up to be counted with the closed minded people who
> only use Microsoft solutions.  It's your choice.
> Ted

I don't mean to troll at all but I have to point out that I've met a 
lot of "closed minded people" who will only use FBSD solutions. :)


Josh Paetzel
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