First of all, ensure that you are not having a temperature issue.... check
the cooler of the laptop, maybe it is crossing to the other world...

Ahmed Parkar escribió:

> Hello...
> I am running FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE (AMD64) on an Acer Ferrari 3400 laptop...
> Specs...
> Mobile AMD athlon 3000+
> 128mb ATI radeon 9700...
> I install it and everything seems to get detected and all... but then...
> it suddenly
> crashes... system just shuts down... no error appears on the screen...
> Well, this has been consistenly happening generally when I'm installing
> some port... Once it was KDE, other times it was Opera and most recently
> it was VLC... Once it crashed even when I ran the command "find / vimrc".
> I know the
> syntax of the comand may not be correct, it was just traversing through
> all the
> directories and it crashed (I was tryin to find the default vimrc file).
> All this
> when I was running X under window-maker... Also it crashed once when it
> was in GNOME and the computer was idle for like 30mins or so and it
> crashed (Gnome installs during the installation process, not the ports
> way) So, I figure X might be the problem... So the next time I boot, I
> dont start X
> and I make VLC and it crashes around the same place I expect it to...
> Is it the laptop? How can I debug something like this.. get the log files
> or somethin
> just before the crash...
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