Thank you for answer

I try this

Dan Nelson wrote:
In the last episode (Jul 22), Pelekh Volodya said:
My name is Volodya, i'am from Ukraine
I have a little question,
do you plan to add time-range in ipfw?
Something like in Cisco
wait for answer

One way to do what you want is to put your time-sensitive rules in a
separate set:

 ipfw add 500 set 1 reset ip from any to any dst-port 554 // block realaudio 

Then use cron to enable/disable them during your timerange:

 0 8 * * * root ipfw set enable 1
 0 18 * * * root ipfw set disable 1

You can run "ipfw -S list" to see which sets are active at any time. It would be nice to have this built into ipfw, though.

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