Robert Huff wrote:

Alex Zbyslaw writes:
Make sure nvidia-driver isn't installed now and (hateful I know)
try re-installing xorg-libraries and xorg-server.

        The good news: Done.
        The bad news: this does not seem to have fixed the desire for
the nvidia driver.
        Is there a known procedure (i.e. sctipt) for removing the
nvidia stuff root-and-branch?  If not, can you suggest which files I
need to kill?
pkg_delete nvidia-driver-\*

should do it. A lot of care goes into making sure that ports/packages actually delete all the files they install.

In fact, running a pkg-delete -n it looks to me like nvidia-driver tries to move back all the original glx files that it replaced.

You don't mention what commands you ran; one way to be sure of getting everything afresh is to de-install all of xorg and nvidia, then re-install xorg. If you are a portupgrade person, then make sure you specified -f.

Also, you could try finding glx related files (e.g. "locate glx") and see what packages they come from with pkg_which. Make sure you update the locate database first ("/usr/sbin/periodic weekly" would do it and other bits should do no harm).



PS According to my port tree, mplayer would only pull in nvidia driver of you had specified WITH_NVIDIA=1 somewhere like make.conf, pkgtools.conf or the original command line.

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