Partition magic  looks like  the  least painful option. Thanks for  the tip.

I'm just  gonna try newfs on  the logical partitions once and  see  :)
after I  change t ptype to ufs  from  linux  fdisk.... just  for


On 7/29/06, Ian Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 > Message: 15

 > Thanks all.  I  have XP and linux  share  the  xtended partition,  and
 >  now I want to say bye bye  linux (I  need  XP for worldwind  s/w) .

That's different then.  If you want to keep XP (and keep it within that
extended partition) then you can't delete the extended partition.  You
could use Partition Magic (ono) to delete the linux logical drive, then
shrink the extended partition to make space for another slice (maximum
of four), which is what you'll need for another UFS slice.

 > Ido not  see the extended  logical drives containing  ext3 from
 > sysinstall that  is the problem.

You won't - fdisk sees the four slices only, the 'extended partition'
being one of those entire, with it's specific type.

What does just 'fdisk' say? (you can do this anytime, it just lists)

The view from linux &| XP fdisk may be useful also.

 > The cmdline freebsd  fdisk feels  like  a  throw  back tp the  pdp-11 days :)

Definitely to be used with due care.  I generally prefer trusting
sysinstall to be good with the maths - but keep a beady eye on it too.

 > So I'm  going to  try and  mount  them  from bsd  below  my  home
 > folder,  without deleting them first... until I work  out  exactly how
 >  to  use  the fbsd fdiks  cmdline without  damaging  anything.

You can mount them, readonly anyway, knowing that the first 'logical
drive' within the 'extended partition' appears as ad0s5, the second as
ad0s6 etc, assuming ad0 of course.

Cheers, Ian

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