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On Fri, 28 Jul 2006, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> You might think this sounds harmless but folks have done this kind of
> thing in the past with other products and wreaked havoc on the Internet.
> You can start by referencing "dlink ntp fiasco" in google to get an idea
> of what can happen to these kinds of well meaning attempts.  Let
> sleeping dogs lie.

'k, you lost me on how this relates to the fiasco ... I did a quick search
on Google for it, and, unless I didn't find the right reference, the
'fiasco' had to do with DLink setting up their software to ping PHKs NTP
Server, without getting permissions first, and, thereby, flooding him with
NTP requests ...

> People just don't realize just how very big the Internet is.

That is the problem, yes ... nobody knows how big the FreeBSD community is
... :)

I have to agree with Marc on this one. The extra load required to send
all of this data is not much:

Lets say each client sends 20 bytes and their are 10^7 clients for a
total of 190.7MB per month or 6.25MB per day . Now...
Lets say 50% (10^6.7) of those clients are set to UTC and 50% of those
clients (10^6.4) trigger the monthly periodic over a 5 day period
(10^5.7 each day) and all of them phone home within 5 minutes of each
other (10^5 per minute) for a total of 1666.67 clients per second. We
would need 32.6KB/s or 260.4Kbit/s to handle this load spike... I did
the calculations for 10 million clients, but I highly doubt FreeBSD
has 5 million so this is a non issue.

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